Though Vancro is a small business we have developed some effective processes that have worked well for us since 2009.  Vancro’s recruiting measures ensure we are an effective teammate who is able to recruit large numbers of diverse qualifications in a short period.

Vancro has a dedicated recruiting staff led by our Director of Recruiting, Eugene "Gene" Reinard.  Gene has been recruiting since he started as Vancro's director of recruiting in the fall of 2011.  Since 2011, he has proven the ability to lead teams of recruiters in surge requirements, as well as develop an enduring staffing/recruiting plan that keeps a network of candidates on our bench.

Vancro uses the best commercial employment sites to find new candidates.  We use this not only to find immediate fills, but to build our network of candidates throughout the year.  In addition, many of our candidates are referred to us and Vancro offers an employee referral program.

Vancro maintains a database of more than 800 candidates we have met with in the past.  We not only make contact with these individuals when we need to fill positions, but maintain ongoing relationships with them by periodically contacting them.  This database includes extensive characteristics of each person that are searchable for rapid acquisition.

Vancro's ongoing recruiting efforts will continue to add candidates to this list.  Once hired, Vancro's candidates stay with us.  We have a high retention rate due to our employment practices and culture.

Vancro's entire administrative staff is prepared to on board all candidates quickly upon notification of contract award; HR and security are not outsourced so we can operate 24/7 as necessary to complete this task.